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September 25, 2017

Zoom q3 test – live recording – Swallow by Ellogoods

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This song came to be because I purchased the Zoom Q3. The unit works well for recording song ideas or full fledged songs easily. I was dinking around on the guitar at about 3 in the morning and quickly penned this song while I had visions of “The Royal Tenenbaums” and the thought of my daughter getting her first tattoo. In a post sleepy hazy this song – Swallow came to be and it is presented here in a pretty rough state, played on my acoustic 72 Guild Jumbo and sung directly into the Zoom place about 2 feet away. The Zoom Q3 was set at the hi gain setting as well as the best quality- 48khz – 24 bit. The mov file was at 177 mb- I converted it down to an MP4 @ 61 mb. The clarity and low noise of the recording impressed me. I played with eq and some enhancements which really helped the sound BUT it is presented here completely as is- dry to show the Zoom q3’s characteristics. The ease of use is awesome and I think once I figure how to use it properly I will be able to use it as a total recording device even laying down the files as individual tracks and mixing and such but the best part of the zoom q3 is the ability to lay down a clean recording at a whim and having is sound pretty good. Wes Anderson, if you are listening I dream of one of my songs in one of your films- Swallow is an original composition – copyright 2009 donker flybanger

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