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October 17, 2016

World’s Funniest Tattoo Fails

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People can choose some of the dumbest tattoos, but we gathered the top 20! Here are the worlds funniest tattoo fails.

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With a spelling error like this I don’t think that God will be the only one judging you. Seriously people start spell checking your tattoos before you get them done. Is it too much for someone to at least type a quote into a search bar first before getting a forever mark of their lack of planning?

What a beautiful photo of that baby! I just don’t understand why it’s placed next to a tattoo of a giggling elderly man though. The type of tattoo you definitely don’t want to mess up on is one of someone’s beloved infant. If a tattoo artist can’t do portraits then they should probably tell you instead of using you as a guinea pig
to practice on and leaving you with happy old man tattoo.

Nothing says “five star chick” like carving it into your bosom for the world to lean in and read. When I think of the word classy I think of an ‘I’ wedged between two boobs and no real self respect. Wait no…no I don’t.

You can have shoes and clothes with the NIKE emblem, but how should you stand out of the crowd with your NIKE love? Nike face tattoo! This guys cold squinty stare wants you to know that NIKE is his life, enough so to permanently paste it right onto his face. Eyebrows on fleek?

Here we have the majestic tiger drunkenly scrawled across the chest and belly of this very hairy man. I think his tattoo artist was a 5-year old and using crayons instead of a tattoo gun. How could you get a tiger so wrong? It’s a possibility that his child showed him a drawing that he had just made and instead of pasting it to the fridge like a sane parent he went and got it tattooed on his body forever. If you waited a few years I’m sure your kid could
make you a much better one sir.

I’m going to assume that this hilariously wrong tattoo is supposed to be the glamorous Marilyn Monroe. Looks like she was put into a blender then tossed onto this person’s hand. One eye is looking at me and the other is looking at the floor not to mention those protruding teeth. Yikes!

“Hey bro, your tag is sticking out.” I bet this is one of those drunken ideas that you think is really funny and clever at the time, but the next morning you’re like, “What am I doing with my life?”.

At least she’s got confidence and apparently it’s pouring out of her ovaries! Eww and yay…Feminism? I’m not even sure if this qualifies.

Oh wow! Some kind of eye target which makes her look like a villain straight of a comic book. I’m just as surprised and confused as you are baby. What in the world are we supposed to make of that face blunder? Good luck child.

It’s The King! Elvis Presley in the…on your flesh! It really looks as though they got a tattoo of Elvis’s face hoping for the best, but then it turned out to be a hideous and lifeless zombie version of him so they had to go back and get his name underneath so people would stop asking what the tattoo was supposed to be.

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