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January 20, 2017

Water Couture!

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Fraqment Films reached out to Fusion’s fluids expertise to create a gorgeous, flouncy ‘water dress’ for a BWT Perlwasser TVC. Their client’s reference was the iconic Mattoni water dress, but of course, on an aggressive time schedule and modest budget. Fusion created the natural, organic fluid sims while Fraqment provided art-direction, modeling, match-moving, lighting and compositing.
Fusion’s extensive expertise and advanced technologies helped immensely in delivering these sims on sched & budget. Fusion adapted its BetterWetter technology to emit water smoothly and naturally from different components of the dress, adding custom forces to control how the cg cloth dress impacted water’s movements. Forces also controlled the evolution of gravity, air drag, and dissipation during the life of the water. This allowed Fraqment Films to art-direct the movement of the water in great detail. For example, to achieve a billowy, splashy behavior from the lower part of the dress, and simultaneously a calm behavior and tight fit from the upper part of the dress, Fusion’s team broke the dress up into 7 separate simulations. Fraqment then had as much art-direction capability and look-control as possible.
Fusion’s BetterWetter technology has been used on many projects in various forms of customization, from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to Once Upon A Time. There always seems to be something in our projects that needs to be wet!
Thanks to Fraqment Films for the incredible, collaborative teamwork and their excellent work (art-direction, modeling, match-moving, lighting and compositing) on the project!

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