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September 12, 2017


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UPRISING #6 was a performance taking place June 28, 2008 1pm-4:00pm after a 3-day workshop “Learn and Make UPRISING #6” at Insight Arts. UPRISING #6 was part of the Chicago Dyke March in Pilsen: 18th Street from Halsted to Damen. Performers: Liz Digitale Anderson, Hugo Garcia, Nicole Garneau, Genevieve McClosky, Jamie Spirakes. Video: Katherine Klein. Photos: Nicole Garneau

Workshop participants got immediately to work on Friday night figuring out how to speak solidarity with bodies and markers. Hugo and Liz created a dance of solidarity gestures and taught it to the rest of us. Genevieve showed us how to draw her solidarity symbol. Where folks gathered for the Chicago Dyke March on Saturday, we moved in and out of a chalk circle to make our dance. Meanwhile, each performer talked to marchers about revolution, freedom, and liberation—all the while drawing our solidarity tattoo on the inside of as many wrists as we could. The Dyke March was raucous and gorgeous; inside it, UPRISING #6 performers in white joined together and then separated, finding moments of quiet intimacy with strangers in the struggle.

This performance is part of UPRISING: a 5-year performance project 2008-2012. UPRISINGs are monthly, site-specific performance works broadly exploring practices of revolution. UPRISING performances create public demonstrations of the possibilities for a more loving, just and humane present and future. They are attempts at making the world in which we want to live, and then inviting people directly and immediately inside it. UPRISING is a project of Links Hall. More info at

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