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November 30, 2017

Under The Ink – A Tattoo Documentary

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“Under The Ink” is an uplifting 5 minute short documentary about the changes within the tattoo industry over the years. As the years have passed by, tattoos and body art have blossomed and become not only more accepted and appreciated but less stereotyped and shunned upon. Body art is a beautiful and creative way to express yourself and is a very powerful form of art in the fact that it is permanent. In this video we meet three tattoo artists (Frank McNab, Tarri McNab and Darryl Mullen) from Glasgow as they tell us their first inquisitive memories of tattoos and why they think body art is so powerful. They also discuss how they feel tattooing has evolved from the types of people who get them to the types of tattoos they get.

I wanted to show tattooing in a positive light as I feel passionate about tattoos and find them fascinating. I myself have yet to get a tattoo so thought making this would inspire me to take the plunge. Everyone around me whether being friends or family are always getting heartfelt tattoos whether that being for someone who’s passed away or of someone they love. I always remember being younger and not really seeing many tattoos and if I did I thought the stereotypical way so I myself stereotyped without realising from a young age. Growing older I started seeing the changes and that has now has inspired me to look into it further and to show others how tattoos can be beautiful.

This video was self shot by myself.

Special thanks to:
Frank McNab (Creative Art Tattoo Studio)
Tarri McNab (Creative Art Tattoo Studio)
Darryl Mullen (Irezumi Tattoo Studio)

Music: ‘Fly On The Wall’ by Joey Pecoraro with permission to use

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