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August 23, 2017

TXJS 2011 B10 – Ralph Holzmann – Putting the Micro in Micro Framework

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Co-author of yepnope.js and developer of Send to Dropbox, I work for GroupCard out of Milwaukee as a front end Software Engineer. Micro frameworks are the new HTML5, and I’ll show you how to squeeze as many bytes as possible out of your morbidly obese code so it makes the cut. I’ll whet your palette by covering the basic transformations that JavaScript minfiers make, then bring on the main course with techniques for dealing with JavaScript reserved words and object properties. For dessert, I’ll serve up a tasty knowledge bomb as to how the gzip algorithm works at a high level and how that affects minifying and gzipping your code. When you’re done with this meal you’ll be full! However, your code will be so lean and sexy that it will probably leave you, get drunk with ender.js and come home with a tattoo in the morning. You’ve been warned.

This was the tenth talk on the B track of TXJS 2011. Visit for more.

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