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March 8, 2017

Toypunks Vol. 1 Excerpt

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Toypunks is an independent documentary series covering the converging worlds of Japanese vinyl toys, street fashion and punk rock, with a healthy dose of obsessive collecting. Toypunks Vol. 1 introduces the creator of the first desinger vinyl toy, Hikaru Iwanaga of Bounty Hunter. It also features the ascerbic wit of Frank Kozik, whose career as a punk rock poster artist led him to Tokyo designer toys. Osaka’s horror-punks Balzac, Three Tides Tattoos, Hiddy of Secret Base, Gargamel and more.

“This low-budget documentary…explore(s) the interplay of American pop culture, punk rock and Japanese designer toys.” WIRED MAGAZINE

“Toypunks does an impressive job of putting a spotlight on the toy sub-genre, showing how it got there and what pushed it forward.” GIANT ROBOT

“There’s more to Toypunks then a celebration of cool, though. The DVD also touches on…the cultural differences that exist between the East and the West.” CLUTTER UK

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