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May 16, 2017

To Dance in Beauty: Omie Tapa from New Guinea

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Ömie Artists Manager Brennan King gives a rare insight into the origins and meaning of the symbolism found in the barkcloth art of the Ömie women. Discover how the Ömie’s strong cultural painting traditions have become one of the most significant and dynamic contemporary art movements in the Pacific region today.

To Dance in Beauty: Ömie Tapa from New Guinea is dedicated to the most exciting new artistic talents from across the Ömie mountain villages, showcasing the extraordinary diversity and living vitality of Ömie barkcloth art. Powerfully tactile and relentlessly experimental, these spiritually rooted artworks adorned with their dynamic and complex symbolism springing from ancient ancestral clan knowledge and tattoo designs, will transport you to the culturally rich and mysterious mountain world of the Ömie.

Produced by : Sista Girl Productions

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