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June 25, 2017

Timeless Art: A Documentary On Tattoos – HD

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The journey of one man that explores the world of tattoos, how are they seen in 2013?

and will he decide to get tattooed after the documentary if finished?

Doc Mac Evil Mccarthy – Body Mod Specialist
Craigy Lee – Travelling Tattoo Artist
Goldi Lox – Tattoo Artist
Josh Pascoe – Uni Student
Megan Seehra – Uni Student
Luke Kingshot – Uni Student
Chris Morris – Tattoo Artist
Greg Fisher – Cameraman
Dale Stingemore – Cameraman

Dead Mans Loot – Newgrounds
Setufirestorm – Wax Wings
Satoris – Breathe
Dvoid – Hope
Clastodon – Prophecy
Lundsfryd – Ain’t Dead Yet
KD18 – No One Listening

With thanks to Halloween Tattoo Bash, and anyone that allowed me film them, but didn’t make the final cut.

Perygl Productions
Vibe Visio
By Matt Hilton

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