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November 10, 2017

The Unseen Canvas

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Each mark of your body has a remarkable story and each story has their own interpretation.The Unseen Canvas is a documentary of a young artist, KRISTOVAL, who started as painter way back in college, currently a full-time illustrator, and now took a turn and embarks to another passion, yet exciting and a self-exclaimed independence body art. The story will progress on how each tattoo is carefully conceptualized, both the artist the client extensively chooses a theme from various designs, and as is it laid on the skin permanently, you are wearing your one-of-a-kind art which expresses who you really are and comes out as your own master piece.The rawness of the video will take us behind the Unseen Canvas — the skin.

Directed & Edited by Kevin Martin
Filmed by Dey Olivera , Andrew De Vera & Michael James Mangosong

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