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September 24, 2017

The Rap Up

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Eh…how you’se guys doin?
I’m Guido Pacino-Devito-Dinero but my friends all call me G-Unit
I’m Sweet Sal Bagadoughnuts, I wear this purple scarf so the ladies don’t go

C’mon, lets turn it up!
There’s a man and a woman, peanut butter and the jelly, two unique
ingredients but both complimentary
Whoa Guido, slow it down! Let’s go back to the beginning
Well the first WoMazing ManVenture was in the garden of Eden, where Adam
awoke and to his surprise, God made a naked Eve and he said…

Ay! Oh! Forgettaboudit!
You’se guys say it wit us now!
Ay! Oh! Forgettaboudit!

God had this poifect sandwich right, that He made for our delight. But
you’se and I, us chicks and dudes, made a huge food fight!
So we gotta get un-dragoned, move forward from our past, but guys that think
they’re better than girls, turns out “you’re an $#%&”

Ay! Oh! Forgettaboudit!
Oh that’s what I’m talkin about!
Ay! Oh! Forgettaboudit!

Remember that time we went to the pool?

How dare you!
Apparently folks, wearing your wife’s bikini bottoms at the pool… Very
revealing! Ooh Guido says, only eight thousand people are gonna see you.
Well buddy, you forgot about the interweb.
I wish we could all just

Ay! Oh! Forgettaboudit!
Get my milky white thighs out of your mind.
Ay! Oh! Forgettaboudit!

Ay, dat was pretty good!
Time out, was you wearin’ your wife’s bikini bottoms?
We was playin’ sea otter
I don’t care if you was playin’ tattoo parlor
Forgettaboudit, I’m gonna call Nickel and get a haircut
At least the man’s the jelly!
He’s the peanut butter!
I don’t think so…
We should have gotten paid for this

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