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February 5, 2017

The Noiseless Needle

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Based in the small port city Lagos of Portugal, Medi is an artist who has developed a unique style over the past decade. His artistry has extended to hand-poked tattoo methods. It’s no wonder people are drawn to this unique style and are ready to embrace a more traditional method of tattooing.

He describes his art as a fusion of all experiences; both artistic and non-art related. Life is his teacher. For Medi; art is “Fluid, Free and Alive”.

He incorporates these sentiments into his art. The form of his artworks is heavily influenced by fluid motion and by other elements of nature. The subject of his pieces often includes motifs of the ocean and it’s inhabitants.
Waves, sea creatures, birdlife, or marine-based paraphernalia are strongly featured and intricacies of plant life are also evident.

Just as each thread is woven to make a rope whole, this is a film about how all of these elements intertwine to create a whole story behind the tattoo.

Each artwork has a life force of its own and emanates an energy that is congruent with the energy that Medi has injected into the piece in its creation.

Thank you to Errors for the track. You can find more of their music here:

For more art by Medi or to reach him, follow him here:

Thank you to Miguel Gosling for the final footage of the tattooed guitarist, and to everyone else involved.

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