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October 3, 2017

The Nguyen Birth Story

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Anjyl and being invited to witness and attend her birth space as a supporting doula for her husband Hung and also as her birth photographer. As a mother, Anjyl is a biochemist and knew exactly what her birth plan would be and booked me based on our love for evidence based birth & wellness views. I knew with a tattoo of the molecule Adrenaline she was serious about her love for science, but nothing prepared me for the hours of chatting we did about everything chemical to do with birth. They were such an amazingly connected team and Hung really put effort into learning how to be an effective birth partner during the pregnancy that it really paid off. Anjyl enjoyed Burger Lounge the day of her induction, as the hospital is within walking distance of their favorite organic grass-fed burger joint. The family delivered the next morning at 9:53am and thanks to her husband’s efforts she managed to withhold from her epidural until the very last few hours during transitioning. The Arctic Monkeys is selected as the family’s favorite artist and was requested for this video. From the moment of conception, Maddox has been no exception to the family music love. The Nguyen’s have booked four sessions with me, and since the very beginning we have used the AM album by The Arctic Monkeys to gently soothe and make our sessions run smoothly. Check out that smile we captured during the Fresh 48 session! It was such a pleasure working with this family, and embracing their unique quirks that make the very beauty of life.

‘AM’ 2013 Album Music written and recorded by The Arctic Monkeys. Produced by James Ross with Domino Records. The images and video copyrights belong to The Buddha Doula & Ellyn Reid Photography and may not be used without permission. The video is not endorsed by The Arctic Monkeys or Domino Records and should not be perceived as such until further notice.

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