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December 14, 2016

The Naughty Show #121: The Boy with the Dragonfly Tattoo

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Sam, Gareth & Vicky deal with canceled guests, strippers, cake & balloons. Gino uses Speed Weed to quell Vicky’s post-birthday rage, Gareth explains kick-in-the-dick Pilot Presentations and Sam describes a shady business meeting. Associate Producer Chris Coleman moves out of the lobby and onto the mic, we introduce Recording Engineer Barry Funkhouser and Lenny Pezza and Gino have a talk-off. We discuss an America’s Got Talent controversy, Seal’s face, and how Sam’s a monster that’s taking calls. There’s constant full-on announcements with a lot of talk before the plow. Chris answers his own tweet about “who is this Coleman guy, and why should I care?” with his tattoo reveals. We’re making something out of nothing – Subscribe! Rate! Review! Drink every time Gino says “uhhh”!!!

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