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January 30, 2017

The making of – Wave of Peace

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Personal project #02, for my 2nd tattoo.

Art : my time, effort, job, & what I make for living.
Wave of Peace is very meaningful for me. This explains about how we are to respect each other, in the aspect of art.
I think money is not important actually, but the most important thing is how we share what we can do (realization) to make something very sophisticated art.
#01. Respect #02. Making better of art. #03. Always learning.

Concept : Syahed Hidayah
Cameraman : Ulis Mhd
Offline & Online : Syahed Hidayah
Tatto Artist : Ridwan Afid
Thanks to : Sannidya Wicaksono, Ulis Muhammad, & Reymon for the supported.

Voice & Music : Bimo Setiawan Sidharta Utama / Bimbim Slank & Westone Music (New Light – winner is born)

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Original at Vimeo

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