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June 28, 2017

The Hitman

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This is a short that we’ve been wanting to do for a while. Our goal was to film something at night while using back lighting to set the mood as much as possible. We also wanted to see how far we could push our Canon 7D, and as it turns out, we found its limits. We did get to use our new Canon 50mm f1.2L, which let in a lot of light, but took some precession to get proper focus because of the extreme shallow depth of field. The bokeh from it is exceptional. We did not try to capture any audio while we shot, but instead recorded all the sound elements separately. All in all it was a good learning experience. We decided to use the song “People Lie All the Time” from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, because it really helped establish the mood we were going for. The whole soundtrack is wonderful and I definitely recommend buying it. Enjoy!

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