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February 17, 2018

Tattooing: Pigments Of The Imagination

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Described as one of the best films about tattooing ever made. This pioneering documentary, narrated by Oscar nominee Patrick Marber, informs, shocks and amazes. Made at a turning point in tattoo history, we contrast old school with new wave tattooists who helped transform it into one of the most popular art forms of all time. Featuring some of the best tattoos from around the world we also explore the dark side of tattooing. Shocking interviews reveal how facial tattooing led to terrible alienation and even death. And we expose those responsible. Meet the most tattooed man in the world and the tattooist who pioneered extreme piercing in Europe. Discover why it was nearly banned in the UK and why he nearly went to jail. A rich treat for lovers of tattoo art and history and anyone who is mildly interested in the question of why people get tattooed.

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