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November 16, 2016

Tattoo Traditional / Yuawa Ataratu / Sumba Timur / 2014.03.21.

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Tattooing in Sumba

Recognition of adult status can be shown by the chewing of sirih-pinang as just described but also by the possession of tattoos. It is found all over Sumba and theories differ slightly from each other, however these explanations are ones that every one agreed upon.

Woman must have tattoos on the calves and thighs in black. This is the equivalent to the mail being circumcised. In Kodi tattoos are given to the woman as recognition of their status after the birth of their first child; the some motives that are on her sarong are tattooed onto her skin and thighs. Apparently the meaning behind having tattoos that the Ancestors in the afterworld recognize their own. In Rindi – East Sumba if someone not tattooed and wishes to get fire in the afterworld, the offer will be refused. This is more than likely related to the first explanation that tattoo is a sign of recognition that the Ancestors may know their presence in afterworld is “legitimate”

Tattoos on the forearm are sometimes just for decoration, others say it is to recognize each other’s clan, and others dispute this. Anyone who knows how to give a tattoo gives one. The indentations which give the design is done with lemon thorns and then a solution of black soot and sugarcane juice is rubbed over the indentation to secure the color. Motifs-since these are the same as those weaved into the Ikat textiles.

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