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October 9, 2016

Tattoo Removal

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Here is a clip of my tattoo removal. It’s funny how painful removing somthing we have marked ourselves with can be. Not just the tattoo obviously but even addictions, bad habits, personality traits, lies, or any part of our life that plays a big role in who I AM without Christ. I can’t grow new skin untill I burn off the old, and we can’t grow a Christlike apperance untill we burn off a lot of self. I guess even when I do what I know is right, it can be painfull just getting rid of the old. My father saw a picture of burns and he said he was proud of me. It made me feel good like I was rewarded for the pain I went through. I got to thinking, it should be the same way with our Heavenly Father. The satisfaction of our Heavenly Father should be more than enough reason to go through the PAIN OF CHANGE!!!

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