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June 1, 2018

Tattoo Artist Magazine Interview with Tony Hundahl – Texas Tattoos

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Presented by Tattoo Artist Magazine.
Co-owner of ROCK of AGES Tattoo in Austin, Texas, Tony Hundahl’s tattoo designs are based on Traditional American tattoo imagery, technique and lore, yet is uniquely modernized and enhanced by his powerful use of line, black shading & unorthodox color tattoo technique. His style DEMANDS ATTENTION! It’s in your face and it offers no excuses!! This is Texas Tattooing at its best.

I met Tony Hundahl in January, 2007, (I think), at the famed Austin Tattoo convention. It was my first trip to Austin so, as was my custom, I spent the week before the convention traveling the city, meeting artists, visiting tattoo shops, (searching for the good food:) and booking interviews for the convention. The Austin Convention was (and still is) a great show! My team and I had a blast; we met a ton of new people and managed to get about 8 interviews completed in only two days, with just as many tattoos filmed. There wasn’t a whole lot of time for chit-chat during convention hours so I distinctly remember being stunned silent in the middle of an interview set-up by this GIANT full-torso WOLF-HEAD tattoo (and the shirtless Texan it adorned) marching abruptly past me and out the front doors for a smoke.

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