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December 6, 2017

Talking to Strangers – Episode 3

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The guys convinced me to talk to someone a bit more intimidating, so they made me chase a guy with a giant scorpion tattoo on his back who was out for his afternoon jog in centennial park. He turned out to be a nice guy who wanted to be on TV, but unfortunately we lost his details and never spoke to him again. After the Scorpion guy, we noticed lots of horses around and decided to go see who looks after them – and that’s where we met John. John has been looking after horses in centennial stables since the 70’s. John introduced us to Lala, who introduced us to Yamuna.

Have you ever walked past a stranger in the street and wondered what their story is? We have. So with camera in hand, we struck up conversations with total strangers. After spending a day or two with them, we asked them to connect us to the next person. I’m Tom, and this is John, and this is us, talking to strangers.

John Cavallaro and I (Tom Biasetto) are two friends from Sydney who are interested in people and their stories. We used to talk about how what we see in the media so often only tells the stories of the famous, far out and sensational, but wondered what the stories of ordinary everyday people like us might be?

We talked and dreamed about all this could be and what we wanted to create, but when it came time to step out the front door of John’s house in Maroubra it was pretty intimidating. To walk up to a complete stranger with John holding a camera and me with a GoPro strapped to my chest asking people to be honest with us is always a challenge…. but we got better at it with time and eventually found a few people who were willing to let us into their lives then introduce us to someone else they knew. The generosity and trust of the people we spoke with was impressive and we are so grateful for it.

What we discovered has been one of the greatest experiences of our lives. Stories that are challenging, funny, inspiring, thought provoking, heart breaking, beautiful and never what we first expected.

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