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June 11, 2017

Talent Scout Artist Series: Nathan Kostechko

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The Talent Scout Artist Series is a collaborative footwear and apparel collection featuring the works of six different artists from a variety of mediums, genres and backgrounds. Each artist designed an etnies Scout colorway along with t-shirts to compliment the footwear, creating a comprehensive artistic showcase.
Nathan Kostechko was introduced to art by his Uncle Stephen as a young boy in San Clemente, CA. Being influenced by his uncle, along with his older brothers to skateboard and father to surf, he has been on the same mission all his life. As soon as Nathan turned 18 in 2002, he began learning how to tattoo in a local street shop. He lived up and down California for many years, and then traveled the world from Indonesia to Iceland and throughout Europe. Nathan was introduced to different styles of tattooing which he molded into his own, making him a sought out tattoo artist for his original works. Tattooing taught him how to become an artist, and in turn his art was noticed off the skin and has been exhibited in galleries around the world. Being exposed to new cultures and ways of life keeps him on a path of seeking knowledge, growth and fulfillment. Nathan still tattoos almost everyday, paints and draws when he isn’t tattooing, surfs when the waves are good and skateboards when they are not. Whether or not he is on the road or at home you will find him doing exactly that.
“Traveling has been the biggest source of inspiration in my life. Being exposed to something new and not stuck in a day-to-day routine changes you. Meeting other tattooed travelers I always noticed unique symbols on their skin. With each one different from the last they all had a similarity in grabbing my eye. Without an exact explanation of what the symbols meant, they all were mementos of their individual journey. The symbols placed on the shoe are to remind each of us to go out and make stories. It’s not about what we have in life but what we have done. These experiences leave marks on us forever. When you are about to start your day and put these shoes on, this traveler symbol should inspire you to get out there and do something new and different.”

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