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July 11, 2017

Summer Lovin’ California 2011

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This trip was first made with interaction with a host, but finally I decided to make a simple film, easy to listen….. with a stupid catchy song. At first we wanted this trip to be a bucket list, we did half of what was on the list, but I realize that the question wasn’t the number of things you where doing but how and with who… so here it is.

– Sailing in Mission bay, san diego
– Drinking in Vegas
– Getting a tattoo
– Surf in california
– Rent a bike
– Rent a car
– Getting drunk in SF on independence day with australian sit on the street and shooting fireworks “to be upload later”
– Skate in santa monica
– Kiss a california girl
– Getting the worst sunburn
– etc.

There are missing a lot of moments to be upload later… on a second version

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