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September 4, 2017

Suavecito Hair Cream, 8 Ounce

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Suavecito was born from the culture of barber shops, motorcycles, and custom cars. They devote themselves to re-inventing a stagnant industry and producing high-quality, water-soluble pomades, and a fine line of grooming products that speak to the people.

Suavecito Brilliantcreme delivers soft hold without the frizz. Your hair gets conditioned and moisturized, allowing for a healthy, medium weight shine. This formula has been designed from the ground up to give you effortless style with great staying power, for natural, healthy hair.

For best results when use in dry hair. Start with one pump into the palm of your hand. Work product evenly throughout hair. Use a comb or fingers to style as desired. Washes out simply with water. Dapper – Adjective; having a neat appearance : alert and lively in movement and manners Example: “He is very dapper looking, I quite like his hair style – must be Suavecito.”

Disheveled – Adjective; marked by disorder or disarray : not neat or tidy
Example: “Look at that disheveled bum, he needs to go out and buy himself some Suavecito.”

This water based formula is easily reworkable throughout the day with either a comb, or your fingers. This old school product allows you to style your locks effortlessly, without an overbearing hold or crunchy feel.

COMMUNITY CONNECTION Suavecito was inspired by the community and the people around them. Weekend after weekend, they travel to shows all over the country in order to meet their supports and connect with their fans. From car shows to concerts and tattoo conventions to Christmas parties, they continue the conversation as they revolutionize a stagnant industry, built on tradition and quality. Proudly made in the USA.SUAVECITO HAIR CREAM. Suavecito Brilliantcreme is made for the casual, hassle-free look you want. Get loose control, medium shine, and healthy hair with this leave in conditioner for men. It is the perfect addition to any grooming kit for effortless style.
LOOSE, RELAXED HOLD. Get a soft, relaxed hold with this old-fashioned hair product. Using lanolin for softness, and beeswax to give a casual hold minus the flyaways or frizz. Stay dapper without the harsh hold of hair wax or crunchy feeling of hair gel.
STYLE WITH EASE. This hair cream comes in a large 8 oz. bottle with a pump top for effortless styling. Perfect for everyone from professional barbers and hair stylists, to bartenders and guys on the go. Easy to rework for more casual looks.
WATER BASED FORMULA. This lightly scented hair cream has a clean, fresh smell and a low maintenance hold. Simply comb it into dry hair or style with your fingers as desired. This water based formula washed out easily with water.
COMMUNITY TRUSTED. Inspired by men and women who love motorcycles, custom cars, and tattoos, we know how important it is to get their trust, and we did. Suavecito prides itself on community and quality. Made 100% in the USA.

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