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March 14, 2018

STF – The Difference between Leaving and Gone

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Small Town Fair – (DEMO) The Difference between Leaving and Gone
It was the only flashing neon off the highway
and I damn near killed myself getting off the troubled road
And I can tell that he saw the sadness in my eyes,
when he asked if I’d be checking in alone..and I was checking in alone.
I held my breath as i threw my bag there in the corner.
As the whiskey started pouring like the rain
and I laid there on the bed in a slumber
watching the ceiling fan spin around like my ring down the drain.
And I can still see you standing in the doorway
wearing nothing but a towel and smile
but a roach across the bed kinda ripped you from my head
so I just lay there and cried a while.
And I lit a cigarette but I never smoked it .
I just watched the smoke fade into the light
and I thought of every word I never told you
that I knew would make you come alive.
I know this is not where I belong
I have walked into the lyrics of the saddest songs.
And I cannot believe that I’m about to see and learn
the difference between leaving and gone.

I bet you thought I’d rent myself a dirty movie
because that’s a place a man like me would often go.
But nothing on that screen could ever move me
I like the way we made love while it snowed
and you kept the lights down low.
And I can feel you digging your nails into my body
As you held me so tight till it hurt.
The scars on my arm
like a tattoo like a charm
just remind me how far away you are.

This is a wicked kind of wrong
To be full of life and yet be all alone
And I cannot believe what my hearts about to see and learn
the difference between leaving and gone.

Motion poet Music (c) 2013

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