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October 22, 2017

Souls Of Persons Born On January 11 Non-Leap Years.

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FREE! Get the information about you or another people from the Catalog Of Human Souls ( Catalog of Human Population) for free! You can use the information about the archetypes of human programs (“human software”) not only to know who you are or who are people around you. Use it for tattoo, for design of your car, house, clothing, jewelry – anyway, where you want! And you will learn the might of Natural Archetypes. You’ll get the REAL POWER from your PERSONAL & 100% NATURAL Archetype! –
Archetype of persons born on January 11 in non-leap years.
I will now introduce you to information from the Catalog of Human Souls. I will tell you about people born on January 11 in non-leap years.
They have a truly surprising archetype! Their archetype is that of the Gate Keeper.
This is the archetype of their individual program. Natural. There are many more archetypes. It is software. They are real. Each person contains 30 and more archetypes. Each displays all human characteristics. Knowing a person’s archetypes, you can obtain any information about him or her. According to 6 factors: intellectual, physical, nutritional, emotional, sexual, and environmental factors.
Now, here are a few of the qualities of men and women born on January 11 in non-leap years. These people see the reality surrounding them as a world of doors. And their task is to find the one, the forbidden door, which, if they walk through it, will open to them a fairytale life. Just like Pinocchio, who years for the life painted on canvas, behind which there is a door. Open it, and there awaits happiness, wealth, prosperity, public recognition. Since the doors exist, they argue, all that remains is to find the “golden key” to open the necessary door. In their youth, the people, being somewhat primitive, rough, unguarded and seeing no point in learning as such, cherished the illusion that the world is one great big open door, with their arrival anticipated on the other side. They have no need to present themselves in any special way, believing that others only need meet them once in person to see what wonderful people they are and that all of the doors will automatically be flung open for them! In their youth, they do not believe that one’s high opinion of oneself must also correspond to reality, and that learning is a necessary condition in order to be able to go wherever you want to go. However, life experience very soon teaches them the profound error of their youthful ways and they boldly move from the ranks of underachievers at school or university to those of the perfectly good students. They will also realize that, in order to be able to open any door, one needs a great deal of determination. And they will no longer sit idle, but begin to make an active effort. It is precisely then that things will begin to happen for them. They begin to puff harder than a boiling kettle, undertaking any effort with great vigor. True, their energy sometimes does them a bad turn, since, instead of simply knocking on the next door, they will try to kick it open. And not always successfully. This is because, finding themselves by the cherished door, they literally fly into a fury, actually trying to smash it down. On the other side, everyone runs, taking their most dear things with them. Having broken through and entered the door at last, they may find nothing on the other side. The fairytale has run away. It is no mistake and no nonsense, but merely their property. Moreover, they simultaneously literally enchant, shock and stun casual onlookers, with their enthusiasm, to the point that anything negative is far from the thoughts of the audience. Over time, getting a taste for it and having learned from one situation, they begin to act ever more effectively, increasing their already enormous penetrative power each time. And unless someone stops them, they sooner or later become professionals, resembling skilled burglars in many respects, whom no door can withstand … I will talk about the archetypes and certain traits of other people in my following speeches. You can learn about the Catalog of Human Souls (Catalog of the Human Population) from the video “How Is Information Recorded in the Human Psyche?” What Are the Archetypes of Human Programs?” You can find more information about the video on the website “Catalog of Human Souls” – , marked as the “Official Site.”

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