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October 18, 2017

Soul Of Persons Born July 14 Non-Leap Years

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FREE! Get the information about you or another people from the Catalog Of Human Souls ( Catalog of Human Population) for free! You can use the information about the archetypes of human programs (“human software”) not only to know who you are or who are people around you. Use it for tattoo, for design of your car, house, clothing, jewelry – anyway, where you want! And you will learn the might of Natural Archetypes. You’ll get the REAL POWER from your PERSONAL & 100% NATURAL Archetype! –
Archetype of persons born July 14 in non-leap years.
Greetings. I will now introduce you to information from the Catalog of Human Souls. I will tell you about people born July 14 in non-leap years. They have a truly surprising archetype! Their archetype is that of the Beautiful Five-Colored Phoenix, covered with ornaments, letters. Its head is covered with sayings of virtue, its wings are covered with letters of love, its back with words of justice and its chest with humanitarian words. And inside are the writings of faith. This is the archetype of their individual program. Natural. There are many more archetypes. It is software. They are real. Each person contains 30 and more archetypes. Each displays all human characteristics. Knowing a person’s archetypes, you can obtain any information about him. According to 6 factors: intellectual, physical, nutritional, emotional, sexual, and environmental factors.
Now, here are a few of the qualities of men and women born July 14 in non-leap years. They preach a philosophy of optimism, offering themselves as a joyous panacea to cure mishaps, misfortunes, troubles and problems. They are capable and willing to bring the positive into the live of others. They are convinced that the world should be a source of joy. They are absolutely convinced that zest for life, goodness and beauty will win. They will surely prevail over anger and unhappiness. In their view, only this philosophy is capable of helping humanity to survive and the wounds to heal. They will try to put a life-affirming light on any situation. They embody the “Keep smiling!” principle They love funny stories and fun pastimes, particularly among friends. In any relationship, they seek to ensure that their friends and girlfriends face any events with humor and a smile. They are loyal to their friends. They are open and honest with them. If, even as bosses, they ask for something, they never do so in a harsh manner, but always in a kind and good-natured way. And they expect their interlocutors to smile in response. But these people are anything but stupid. They are fully aware that the surrounding world is far from a paradise. But this only encourages them to create a different world. A world of friends and like-minded persons. A world of friendly relationships, a world of joyful sincerity and optimism. Their life-affirming nature tells them that the more good, honest people there are like them, the better our world will be. There are so many disasters in the world, so many people live very hard lives, in irritation and even with malice. But they are bravely battling any catastrophe and never tire of dreaming of the transformation of our Earth into paradise‚Ķ
I will talk about the archetypes and certain traits of other people in my following speeches. You can learn about the Catalog of Human Souls (Catalog of the Human Population) from the video “How Is Information Recorded in the Human Psyche?” What Are the Archetypes of Human Programs?”
You can find more information about the video on the website “Catalog of Human Souls” – , marked as the “Official Site.”

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