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March 29, 2017

Ship Wheel. »

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Ship Wheel is only a part of many For the Love of Meghan stories. Meghan Baker was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. The cancer then started attacking her brain. She started a blog, she used is as a dairy and young women around the world were following her story because of how open and honest she was photographing and posting everything. She even created a list of things she wanted to do unfortunately a few month later Meghan passed. Adam Warner, Meghan’s husband took it upon himself to finish that list and many more of her dreams. As he set of for a life changing experience we began filming some of Meghan’s closest friends. Jojo was suppose to get a tattoo with Meghan of a Ship Wheel but never had the chance so their mutual friend Dallas Green told Jojo right after Meghan passed that he will complete this wish with her.

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