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June 4, 2017

Shaver Attacks

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This short film shows a cruel reality how your shaver feels, when it seems, that you don’t need him anymore. Watch your beard!

Directed by / camera / edit: Jakub Šteinecker, Patrik Gubiš
Written by: Milan “Miňo” Michalec, Patrik Gubiš, Jakub Šteinecker
Coproduction: Jirko Vitáloš
Cast: Milan “Miňo” Michalec, Peter Hupka, Milan Michalec snr.
Sound: Milan Uherčík
Music: Laco Kovac
Props: Pavol Filak, Peter Hupka, Jaroslav Vida, Tono Molnár

We also want to thank to, Rooster Tattoo, Ad sun, Everlution, Martina Jelenová, Adam “Tuko” Kovačovský, Petra Hotová, Michal Šebeňa and Martin “Šule” Schulte for helping us in many different ways

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