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January 11, 2018

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My name is Ran Maclurkin i am a full time artist based in Melbourne Australia, i have
been dubbed “Ruiner” as my style is unconventional and in the tattoo world goes against
traditional mainstream tattoos. I have embraced the “ruiner” tag, i see it as a positive.

Provoking a love or hate reaction by those that see it. So much so that people will send
in ” i want be ruined”…or “i was ruined” photos,…..or hate mail..

In Australia i am the only tattooist pushing tattooing in this direction, it came from a
deep desire to be true to what i do, and not to follow. From a very young age i expressed
myself through art, creating my dark characters, setting them to story.

The idea for Ruin Art Collective really came to be my clear path, when i visited the Mona
Gallery in Hobart, at the Mona i met Tim, the human canvas, and had an amazing day with
him discussing art, tattooing, and the perceptions of right and wrong in the world of art.

I nearly died in May of 2011, an oncoming car did not give way and turned into my path
as i rode home from work, i hit them at 60kmh, my neck and back broken, i was fortunate
not to die or be paralized. As i recovered from this i looked into what was important in
life….and its following your vision, your dreams.

i had been pushing my art through tattooing, paying my dues working in custom studios,
but felt restricted and unable to fully brake free. i felt i should not limit myself to just skin,
that a traditional tattoo studio was not the correct forum for what it is that i and others
like me create around the world…..the thought to put art and tattooing together in a way
that has not been done before, bringing art, be it on skin, canvas, or in the shape of a
chopper or a photograph….a studio that can push the boundaries of what tattooing is,
offering people in this country a chance to be tattooed by the worlds most unique artists.
Making it about art, and focusing on the abstract and controversial. And like Mona not
be driven by what is in, what is acceptable, what is cool, but creating art, as we are
unable not to.

So what is Ruin Art Collective actually going to be?
Ruin Art Collective would be a gallery space to sell and exhibit selected local and international artists, canvas, prints, clothing, books and whatever else unique artists are creating.
Even hotrods, choppers and other machines created with a different vision.

This space would also be used for painting and drawing workshops with an emphasis
on thinking outside the box. As i have come through many trials in life i would also be
focused on running art classes for those that struggle in life, the young, the addicted,
and any that maybe just needs an outlet. So much of today is about conforming,
i want to celebrate being different.

What do i hope it can become?
I hope it can be a self sufficient gallery, tattoo and art studio, a place to inspire,
to challenge, to create conversation. A place for myself to work from, and have
regular guest artists from here, Germany, Poland, France and other parts of the world…

What do you get out of contributing?
Besides a t shirt or painting or an email, i hope you get a sense of supporting and
promoting art, and expression. I hope you feel part of a movement, a changing of the guard.
I would want you to feel at home if you visited, to feel that you can sit down with me, or anyone
at the studio and chat, have a coffee, a conversation and leave with a sense of excitement.
Walk away with a spring in your step.

What will your contribution go towards?
Well, the obvious, securing a space, fitting out, getting all relevant approvals by council and health dept. The 10k amount i have set is the bare minimum, that will get this off the ground, but really it needs more, and the more i can raise the more i can do, so besides fitting out we will have a buffer while news spreads that Ruin Art Collective exists. If i raise enough i can bring more art across from the globe, bring an artist in to guest, run more free, (or) lower cost art classes.

How are you different to other tattoo studios/ art studios/ Gallerys?
Firstly this is not just about tattooing, this is about pushing art, we are not about ego, about
what is in, this is a multi facet idea. A dream, a vision. This is about embracing art, and
expression, fuck the main stream, this is respectful to what has come before, while also
pushing things forward.

A gallery to display art

A retail store to sell art, books,

A publishing studio, release art through hardcover books..

A tattoo studio, a studio with an emphasis on pushing tattooing outside the boundaries it operates in.

Will i feel involved?

Yes. yes you will, besides the email list, i will also add you to our blog, Ruin Art Collective will feel like your long lost friend, sometimes entertaining, at time annoying..hell even confronting…but always with love…..twitter, Facebook, and whatever else you need really, while we are about standing against, we are also about supporting and informing.

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