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May 4, 2018

Rethink – temporary tattoo kit

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Hundreds of teenagers have Stick and Poke / DIY tattoos influenced by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Instagram models. 85% of them are teenage girls who tattoo themselves with sewing needles and biro ink. This technique of tattooing is dangerous as the equipment that is used is not sanitised to a professional standard. The Stick and Poke tattoos can often lead to infections, and in worse cases to blood borne diseases like HIV, Aids and Hepatitis .

Rethink is a campaign to educate teenagers about the dangers of Stick and Poke tattoos and to prevent them from tattooing at home. The campaign achieves this by providing alternative tattoos, a booklet with information on the dangers and a Snapchat filter that will be used to launch the campaign.

The Snapchat filter works by projecting a chosen design on to the body, this allows you to see how it would look like if you had a tattoo. After you take the picture on the app a message window will automatically pop up with information on why Stick and Poke tattoos can lead to serious diseases and advertising the Temporary tattoo kit on ASOS.

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