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July 15, 2017

[PUMA]Eternal Mommy – English Version

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Is it possible to make mother´s day last forever? Hell yeah!

[The Challenge]

Get shoppers attention to Puma stores at mother´s day, the second best sales period in Brazil, in a mall filled with all kinds of promotions.

[The Catch]

We decided to give something with personality that would last forever, for mom and son. But this gift had to be unique and not the same o same o kitchenware, flower bouquet or a cooking pan. So we decided to create a special bond between Puma brand, and a modern, stylish new breed of mom. How did it work? Simple! All sons had to do was buy over R$ 250,00 on Puma products and get inked at the spot, on shop windows. Those who wanted to think a little bit, received vouchers to tattoo later on the best studios at the city.

[The Results]

It didn´t take long for the buzz to begin on and offline. Thousands of people were impacted as sales increased by 27%, and 820 moms were honored forever.

Stylish son, happy mom.

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