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November 14, 2017

Pohwang (From ‘Living Impressions’ series). Please note – This is a documentary footage of the video installation.

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‘Living Impressions’ is a series of mixed media installations representing special people I have come across. My aim is to capture and preserve a brief moment in time, of the sitters lives through kinetic holographs in the form of narrative storytelling.
This installation is of Pohwang, the last chief with a facial ceremonial tattoo from the Konyak tribe in Nagaland.
With the change in times people in this remote village no longer practice this traditional art form which once played an integral role in distinguishing oneself as an individual in a society. This work is an attempt to capture a few minutes of Pohwang’s life in the form of video, audio and body cast.
In this installation Pohwang speaks about how his ancestors made their way through foreign lands to their present settlement. How head hunting was widely practiced at times of wars, of Lovers and foes, and finally concluding with a song.
Similar issues of cultural traditions being eroded and notions of how to preserve them in the face of constant technological and societal change is a prevalent question to communities in countries across the world. It is a wider theme that I am exploring in my works.

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