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April 25, 2017


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My business partner Ramon was telling me about an article in an email newslestter. In the story, Rod Evans was describing how he used a flip mounted to his camera’s hot shoe to shoot video during his sessions. I thought it was a great idea and decided to head over to Best Buy the following day to pickup a Flip or Kodak for capturing shorts during my model sessions for insertion into my videos.

[Princess Gaze] After idling milling around the store for an hour, I headed to the checkout and was told by the greeter that check stand 3 was free. As I looked closer at her, I was struck by how interesting and decorated the young woman was with ink. After I finalized my transaction, I decided to approach her. After a polite introduction, Princess informed me that she was indeed interested in modeling and that her dream was to get onto the pages of tattoo magazines liked ‘Inked’. So we exchanged contact info and agreed to set up a time to shoot.

[Princess in Monotone] A week and a half later, we met in Pittsburg, CA for the session. I told Princess that I really wanted to play up her first name and that she should were a tiara and pinks to play against the antiquated backdrop of the delta town before night fall. She did not disappoint…

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