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February 18, 2017

PAUL BOOTH: H.R. Giger, Metal’s Toughest/Weakest & Changing Misconceptions About Tattoo Artists!

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During our recent visit to the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo (presented by Inked Magazine) we had the honor to converse with legendary tattoo ARTIST Paul Booth inside his makeshift art gallery, which he curated in order to create awareness that tattoo artists are indeed true artists.

Additionally, during the conversation Paul shared with us his favorite story regarding his friend H.R. Giger (RIP) and he also told us who are the toughest and weakest Heavy Metal artists when it comes to getting tattooed. He also talked about how parenthood lead him into getting his very first tattoo, and about what he does in order to change the misconceptions about tattoo artists.

Watch this interview now!

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