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January 20, 2018

My Japanese Experience at Morikami

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The Japanese Culture is very different from what I am used to. Being of Cuban descent, there were many different traditions and norms that I was exposed to at Morikami. As a Japanese person, it is not unusual to be very to yourself. Japanese people are not very loud or verbal about how they feel for things, which is the complete opposite of Cubans. In addition, tattoos are actually a large part of the Japanese culture. Very often, you can see Japanese people covered in tattoos from head to toe, or even just portions of their bodies that have the tattoos. The koi fish is something very commonly found on a tattoo in Japan because it symbolizes power, strength, and self accomplishment. It is said that the koi fish is always seen swimming upwards because it is depicting him swimming up the river since he shall transform into a dragon once he reaches the top of the river. Also, koi can be used as a symbol for love, as two koi seen together can often symbolize a happy marriage. Overall, the Japanese culture was something that I was not used to, but being exposed to it definitely made me a more competent communicator and it helped me to feel more knowledgable about a culture other than my own. I highly recommend anyone to get a taste of the Japanese culture themselves!

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