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July 27, 2017

MURDER CITY DEVILS Poster Process Video

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Here’s a #processvideo of the new #gigposter I designed for @themurdercitydevils and @garage_land for TONIGHT’S show at @aceofcupsbar SO STOKED!

If you’re going to the show tonight – pick up the poster there!!! Otherwise I’ll have my artist copies available through my shop tomorrow. I’m gonna be at the show to hang – not selling posters. Seriously pick the #poster up from the band if you’re going. #sotheyllhiremeagain #nudgenudgewinkwink

In the video you can see how I go about designing a poster. At least the drawing and inking part. Hopefully it answers some questions you might have about using brushes or #frenchcurves #oohlala You can also see where I fuck up and how I use an electric eraser to fake my way to perfection!


#theKISS prints will be shopping soon! I just got the #NickCave tour posters from the printer. When the band posts them I’ll be able to do the same. I can’t wait to show you guys. Psssst…there may or may not be a foil version.

My FREELANCE books are open! Hit me up!

If you haven’t already – email me Brian(at) to set something up and to be put on my mailing list. Do eeet!

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