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March 28, 2018

Mum’s Counterattack

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For over a thousand three hundred years, Yi minority mothers in Yunnan China have earned their living from embroidery work. With embroidery machines replacing them, these women face the hardship of poverty. Many of them need to leave their children and homes behind to find jobs in the cities which results in the extinction of their craft within this generation.

In oder to help these mums, Tencent and the China Woman’s Development Fund asked Goodstein to come up with an idea for a campaign that utilises Tencent’s Charity platform.

The result can be followed via the content driven campaign “妈妈的逆袭” (Mum’s Counterattack). Beijing’s local Heavy Metal Band Yaksa learns how to embroider their jeans while the mums learn how to rock in exchange. The unexpected combination of these two unlikely groups and the interactions between them make for entertaining branded content rolled out on social channels throughout September.

The campaign also allows users to buy the handmade products of the mums via the HTML 5 campaign website. T-Shirts with handmade embroidery were designed by Shanghai Local Tattoo Artist Wu Qi as seen in the Yaksa Music Video shot for the campaign. For the second phase of the campaign Goodstein is currently looking for a fashion brand to jump on the band wagon.

The campaign is endorsed via the first Chinese wide online charity event on the 9th of September – the 9.9 Charity Day from Tencent. An online event that connects people, celebrities, corporates and creative agencies.

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