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August 18, 2017

Mum’s Counterattack Case Study

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How a heavy metal band saved handmade embroidery from extinction.

For generations embroidery handicraft provided the sole income for mothers of the Yi minority in Yunnan, China. Today, there is little to no demand for their products and with machines taking over their place, these mums face the hardship of poverty.

To make Chinese embroidery relevant again, we helped mums to redesign their products in collaboration with Beijing Heavy Metal band Yaksa and Shanghainese tattoo artist Wu Qi.

Through a series of web films, a music video and a short documentary we highlighted this unlikely collaboration, which features Yi minority mums teaching the rockers how to embroider their own outfits while the mums get the hang of how to rock in exchange. The campaign also allowed users to buy the mum’s products via the HTML5 campaign website using the we chat mobile donation platform.

The campaign was endorsed on the 9.9 Charity Day from Tencent. Up to date, over 1.3 million RMB have been pledged, with over 22 million we chat impressions for our branded content.

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