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August 14, 2017

MOON – Sukebeningen

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Director, Cinematographer : Kanamé Onoyama

dance : chiaki horita (ndt2)
music : noriko koide
electronics : yota morimoto
mini koto : akane takada
percussion : ryoko imai
olfactory art : maki ueda
tattoo : oyuki

– What is Sukebeningen Project?
We present inter media art of characteristically Japanese eroticism. We explore the cultural differences in the conception of eroticism between The Netherlands and Japan through music, dance, electronics, fine arts, and olfactory art.
– The name “Sukebeningen”
The name of the project “Sukebeningen” comes from the beach Scheveningen in Den Haag, The Netherlands. Japanese pronounce the word “Scheveningen” /sukebeningen/. The word “sukebe” means somethig like “lecherous” or “naughty,” and “ningen” means human being. So “Sukebeningen” means a naughty person. In Japan, therefore, Scheveningen is well-known as a beach with a funny-sounding name. One might say the name is ambiguous: for Dutch, it refers to the beautiful beach; for Japanese, it refers to a naught person. For both peoples, the name of the project is very familiar.
– Why eroticism?
One’s conception of eroticism reveals his or her sexual sensitivity at a very personal level. At the same time, eroticism reflects the taste of a people at the cultural level. Indeed, eroticism is an important aspect of the cultural aesthetics. Everyone is interested in eroticism, and how different cultures conceive of it. But, it is also a sensitive topic, and it can be difficult to talk about it. We want people to enjoy our works personally and casually, although at the same time we deal with eroticism honestly and seriously.

Camera : AG-AF100
Lens : Voigtlander 0.95/25
Internal record AVCHD

AF100 camera setting
mode : 24p
sensitivity : 1600
shutter : 1/30
gamma :HD NORM
matrix : NORM 2
detail : -1
detail v : -1
coring : +2
chroma : -2
ped : -2

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