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August 16, 2017

Milk and Two Sugars

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The idea was born out of an actual dream which involved most aspects of the film. The surreal elements in the story are used to help give sense of a strange dream.
The tattoo of the swallow came to signify the desire or temptation that the character is avoiding, the character prefer to flee and run away from it. After much running the character decides to stop and to face his fear and succumb to his desires.

The idea that hidden desires can come in our dreams to challenge and the aftermath that these dreams have on us was the main subject in this film.
In British culture drinking and offering tea is quite common but what I found intriguing is that one way people know each other is by knowing how people drink their tea. So when you know how people drink their tea you already know them in a slightly more intimate level.
The wife knows her husband and how he likes his tea she also knows that something is unusual with her husband. She decide to confront him but he, like a little child who has been caught red handed replies, “nothing”.

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