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September 28, 2017

Making Plurals with words ending in O

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Hi there this is Joanne Rudling from how to and in this video we’re looking at whether
to add a plural -s or -es to words ending in O.

With some words we add -s, some add -es, and some we can add both.

We’re going to look at some rules around this but before we do that I want to say that
Good spellers usually see what looks right, and you need to develop this.

Can you see which ones look correct, which look strange?
radios or radioes
tomatos or tomatoes
potatos or potatoes
pianos or pianoes
photos or photoes
mangos or mangoes

Let’s look at some rules but like all spelling rules there are always exceptions and we’ll look at those too.

1. Words ending with a vowel (aeiou) + O we always add -s
radio – radios
patio – patios
zoo – zoos
kangaroo – kangaroos
tattoo – tattoos
audio – s
studio s

2. When a word ends in a consonant + O we can add -es or -s or both – there’s no rule about this.

We always add -s to the following words:
piano s
zeros (some dictionaries also allow -es zeroes)

We add -s to some new words to English – videos, stereos, radios
We add -s to short forms/abbreviations – kilos, photos, logos, typos, memos, pros
We add -s to proper nouns like Eskimos,
We also add -s to words from other languages – tacos, sombreros, solos, concertos, stilettos, sopranos

3. We add -es to the following words that came into English centuries ago:
tomato – tomatoes
potato – potatoes
hero – heroes
mosquito – mosquitoes
veto – vetoes
echo – echoes
domino – dominoes
torpedo – torpedoes
embargo – embargoes

4. We have some words ending in O that can be spelled with either -s or -es
cargo – cargos or cargoes
mango – mangos or mangoes
motto – mottos or mottoes
memento – mementos or mementoes
banjo – banjos or banjoes
volcano – volcanos or volcanoes
buffalo – buffalo or buffaloes
tornado – tornados or tornadoes
flamingo – flamingos or flamingoes
fresco – frescos or frescoes
ghetto – ghettos or ghettoes
halo – halos or haloes
zero – zeros or zeroes (some dictionaries allow -es) what a nightmare

That’s it thanks for watching hope you’ve learnt something. Go to my website
and go to the games section and do a quiz on these and also sign up for free spelling lessons straight to your inbox.

Cheers and see you in the next video.

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