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August 10, 2017

Maid of honor song

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Alix Jurick 13 minutes ago
Hello Pauly, Hello Sissy
To all the guests here, my name is Brittany
So nice to see so, many faces,
Please bear with me while I cover all the bases

First off Alix, you look stunning
Are you relieved that, Paul’s not running
I’m just kidding, you know I love you
That’s unless of course you get another tattoo

When you were cooking, I was cleaning
Football Sundays, your Wings were steaming
But then you left me, you left the City
Me and Barney felt that it was such a pity

Trips to Cabo and to Boca
Planning proposals made you Loca
Paul’s so funny and entertaining
How much longer till he’s done with all his training

Here’s to you and your life together
Here’s to love, fair & stormy weather
Quite the pair, no matter what you wear
But Paul…Please don’t cut your hair

Here’s to you, and to you and you
Raise your glass, they said “I Do”
The night is young, so let’s all have some fun
And dance, until we see the sun

Thank you mother, thank you father
I love my sister, now got a brother
This night is perfect, just like you planned
And now Paul can take your daughter off your hands

I filled my duties, I’m at the end
And to Paul’s brother’s I do extend
Josh & Danny, please take this mic
And can a waiter please bring me a drink that’s spiked

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