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September 20, 2017

Life of a Butterfly

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A provocative and crafted insight into the mechanisms of human self-destruction through the life of an MMA fighter

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Polish professional heavyweight Marcin Rozalski cuts a menacing figure with his shaved head, tattoo-covered body and his two pit-bulls, Stalin and Satan. ‘Life of a Butterfly’ takes an intimate look at the man behind the bellicose mask and what motivates him to fight everyday. At 33 he knows his career cannot last forever and part of him longs to begin a new chapter in life. On the other hand, he feels resigned to his violent fate.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen. Here is the hero of tonight’s main fight. Please, welcome him warmly. The Barbarian from Plock! Here comes. Marcin ‘Rozal’ Rozalski!”. The audience roars as their idol enters the ring. His fists move with such speed they are barely visible, his attacks vicious and unrelenting as he crushes his opponent. As his team joke and laugh in celebration, Marcin sits silently, staring contemplatively into the middle distance. He seems indifferent to his success.

Marcin Rozalski is at the peak of his career. In great shape and invincible in the ring, he can’t stop winning. He couldn’t see himself doing anything else. “We all get born with a certain fate. One can be born as a priest, a whore, or a thief. I was born to beat others and to beat myself. It’s as simple as that.” But in his quieter moments, with his fierce girlfriend Marta, he seems unhappy. Wracked by excruciating pain and fear for his health, his violent lifestyle has taken its toll.

Marta is Marcin’s saving grace. They have bought a plot of land together, in the beautiful and lush Polish countryside. She buys Marcin a horse, a black beauty called Katyusha. She is hoping to provide him with something when his fighting career is over. “That’s a perfect horse for you. You’re ending your career and we start horse riding!” she exclaims. Marcin knows his career cannot last forever. “My expiration date is coming soon”, he rues.

But Marcin finds it hard to let go. He hopes he has his hand forced. “I want to have my nose broken and my ribs fractured, my skull smashed and I want to go blind, really wrecked. So the next day, when it’s all over, I’ll get up and say, ‘stop, it’s over’.” Marcin knows how his career could end, but he doesn’t seem to fear it. “To die in the ring? It’s a dream death. An insane guy like me can’t even think of a better way to die”.

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