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December 21, 2016

Kitsch Metallic Tattoos, Henna 1, 0.019 Ounce

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Metallic tattoos by kitsch are the must have accessory to add shimmer, flash and excitement to your outfit. Each piece reflects a delicate design featuring gold and silver foils or bright colors, perfect to wear as jewelry. From colorful flowers to geometric shapes to dainty henna designs, anyone is sure to find their favorite. Each style is drawn to allow creativity in which you can cut and then apply a variety of art designs to the body, creating bracelets, rings, hand chains, necklaces, anklets, arm bands. We are confident in having the most unique temporary tattoos you will find. Kitsch metallic tattoos allows the wearer to express individuality at any event. Stand out at your next pool party, beach bonfire, concert or music festival, just by adding kitsch metallic tattoos to your outfit. It’s the perfect accessory to any wardrobe.Add a touch of glimmer with Kitsch’s Henna metallic foil temporary tattoos
Tattoo set with gold, silver, hot pink, turquoise and brown will transform you into a Bollywood goddess
Perfect to have at your favorite festival this year when you want to dance and sing the night away
Inspired by mehndi and Indian jewelry
Sheet dimensions is 7.5 inch x 7.5 inch

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