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June 13, 2017

Kangen Water-SD 501 Demo with Bob Gradelle

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Great Video to show the Kangen Water SD 501 by Enagic unit and how it works.
Trust your body and health ONLY to the very best, the Gold Standard in ionized water! With that said, the Very Best is obviously Kangen Water by Enagic!
All of Enagic’s water ionizers are OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) world class pieces of equipment not assembled on any assembly line like all the other! But expertly designed & engineered, with each unit being hand assembled by only one individual technician then signed off on so that just in case there should ever be a problem, they can trace it back to its origin! Now that’s quality control and one reason why they are ISO certified! And the fact that they’re licensed as a Class III medical device is a badge of honor only Enagic can boast!
Enagic’s flagship & top selling model is the Leveluk SD501 with 7 large solid platinum dipped medical grade titanium plates and they also offer the K8 with 8 of those same high quality titanium plates yet larger for even better ionization!
For more information and or to purchase please go to and and while you’re there sign up to receive our FREE E-Book & Newsletter…
Give me a call 828-437-6984 or 391-0368
Email: woodie_984@bellsouth.nett
“Change Your Water – Change Your Life!”
And if you choose and ONLY if you choose, you can earn very lucrative Enagic referral bonuses generated from your referring a new customer! The only requirement to be an Enagic Kangen Water distributor and earn those bonuses is that you own a Enagic water ionizer/filtration system, that’s it! My suggestion is the Leveluk SD501 at a onetime out of pocket $3,980.00 plus tax and shipping or the larger K8, and there are no monthly fees or minimums!

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