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February 8, 2018


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INKED is a short film about a student called Valeriya Pronina who is a tattoo artist and at the same time she is a student. Valeriya is only 23 but she is already exploring tattooing and trying to find her own style. In this video, the artist shares how she got into tattooing, how does she manage the time, her first tattoo and also the equipment she uses. Her story is inspiring especially to students because even though Valeriya is double majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication she still finds time to work and earn her living. She tells us more about her struggle with finances and the love for her equipment. Valeriya shares how she got her first tattoo tool as a present by her friends and how she still struggles invest in new ones.

Footage by: Ilda duka and Fatme Tsiko
Special thanks to: Valeriya Pronina
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