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October 31, 2016

Ink to the Past

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The 5 minute documentary Ink to the Past turns its attention to the sociologically stigmatised yet prevalent art form of the tattoo, exploring how the tattoo has its roots in the artistic celebration of individualism of ancient civilisations, how western cultural staples such as religious beliefs have cut its credentials and how it is branching out into reclaiming its former symbolic glory in the age of the individual
This is portrayed by sharing the experiences of real people which includes not just members of the public but also a tattoo artist and a white collar barrister who share how tattooing was seen, is seen and will be seen As well as exploring how deep body art can be and what it means to them. Of course we also look at their tattoos! Providing a visual treat illustrating just how much creativity is involved in this practice. Not everyone can sing, paint or play guitar – but anyone can get a tattoo, making it an incredibly accessible outlet for the non-artistic.
The great British spirit has been applied here in our optimism of the future and also utilizes an energetic soundtrack including Ian Dury, Blur, and the Clash among others reflecting the time span of the ethic of “be yourself” that punk brought to a decaying England and carried it on to the beginning of a fresh new millennium.
We inform people of the facts behind tattooing and its users aim to inspire people to let go of an out dated stereotype attitude which in reality is redundant yet prominent in the general consensus.
We look at the past, observe the present and anticipate the future in an energized style which encapsulates passionate about the subject and wish to get viewers excited! The production team are fresh new talents ready for the ever-changing media and this visionary documentary showcases their talents with aplomb.

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