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February 28, 2018

Hybrid Nights (2008)

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This is a short documentary project I did for my Ryerson CE Film Production II course. I decided to do one on my friend Dwight Hybrid who was DJ’ing at Fun Haus and Annex Wreckroom at the time of the project.

This documentary has an interview with DJ Dwight Hybrid about both his personal and professional life, but how music has influenced both. All of this overlayed with footage from both the Annex Wreckroom and Fun Haus on busy nights so as to show exactly how his DJing influences the very people he caters towards.

I wasn’t so great or familiar with the sound recording equipment (ironic enough that the documentary was on someone who delivered sound to the masses), so my audio was really quiet and I had to boost it up (hence the crappy quality).

He is now DJ’ing at Tattoo Rock Parlour and Annex Wreckroom today.

Shot on super 16mm Kodak VISION3 colour negative film with a Bolex H16 super 16 camera. I did shoot additional footage (2×400′) on a normal Bolex with super 16mm B&W Kodak VISION2 stock, but got a light leakage. 🙁

Special thanks to Dwight Hybrid and the good folks at Annex Wreckroom for their patience and support!

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