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June 5, 2017

How to tattoo: Becoming a Tattoo Artist

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This Video will be a step by step description on everything a artist will need to become a successful tattoo artist. We will also be putting links below on where you purchase all the items you need.

Hey YouTube I’m Dre! Im a tattoo artist and i’ve been doing this for about 6 years off and on. I recently decided to get back into the industry and really take my career seriously when and I saw that nothing has changed. Its still the same scattered YouTube videos from 4 years ago and they don’t let you know what steps you need to take to become an artist. That’s what this channel is about, ALL ABOUT TATTOO’S! There’s so many new tattoo artist with a new tattoo kit and no idea what to do next. Some don’t even know where to get the kit from. This channel will assist new artist on what equipment they need, how to set it up, how to tune your machine, tattoo prep, stencil and stencil application, lining and shading, and taking care of the tattoo after work is finish. We will go over the best deals and the best equipment, also where to get it from. Also we’re going to go over how much you can expect to spend. We are going to go over every step a new artist will need to take from beginning to end. This channel is for anyone who is trying to become a tattoo artist but don’t have $1400 to spend on a apprenticeship. All while following me through my career and watching me grow and evolve as a artist. I’m going to be testing new techniques and sharing them with you. We are a new channel so show some support Subscribe, Like, and leave a comment if you have any questions or any topic you would like me to make a video on.

If you need needles, power box, contact cord, grips, tubes, tips, green soap, transfer paper, spray bottle, latex gloves, a/d, foot pedal, or maybe you want a kit with various combinations of these things here are a couple sites you can purchase them from:

P.s. you guys one thing I forgot to include is that your going to want to get ink cups.

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